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Training and Massage - A Perfect Match

A crucial element to training that is often overlooked is recovery.

When most people think of recovery they are actually thinking of rest. The two are very different. A day off of the gym will help in preventing overuse and injury but won’t help with any issues you might have developed when pushing yourself hard in the gym.

Massage has some many benefits that help performance in the gym.

  1. Flexibility Greater range of motion will help you when training in two ways. Firstly, you are far less likely to injury yourself when you can move properly through the entire motion of an exercise. Secondly, if you can only reach far enough to perform half of an exercise, you are only going to get half the benefit. Tight chest stopping you from pressing full range or tight legs stopping you from squatting properly means that your progress will be limited. Massage will help loosen you up and improve your flexibility, helping perform exercises the correct way.

  2. Circulation Training causes you to damage your muscles. Proper blood circulation helps supply you with the necessary oxygen and nutrients to repair, which is when you get your results. Proper circulation also means you can breathe easier, helping you get through your workout and providing your muscles the energy they need to move!

  3. Pain Reduction Massage can help reduce muscular pain that can come from being overworked or injured. If the body is in pain it can psyche you out, easily putting you off from performing to your maximum capacity. Pain is a signal that something is wrong, so if massage can help alleviate that issue, you can get back to training at your best.

  4. Sleep Poor sleep leads to poor recovery. Your body needs sleep to start to mend and actually make the improvements you’ve been training so hard for. If you don’t sleep you won’t recover! Massage treatments have been shown to decrease tension and aid you in falling, and staying asleep. These extra Zzzz’s will help you in your recovery.

If you are looking to make progress in the gym, you need to make sure that you are taking the necessary steps to recover and massage will make a huge difference!

At Boss we have an in-house masseuse, Nix.

Book your massage treatment today by contacting her on; 07538 183 600.

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