The Boss Gym Story

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

I first thought of Boss Gym on a serene drive over the downs from Peacehaven back to Eastbourne.

After an amazing training session in another gym with my old business partner Nick, we agreed that our hometown was missing something. A proper bodybuilding gym. Well, two things. A combat sports gym was also sorely lacking too. There was nowhere in our vicinity that provided us with the training and environment we were after. In fact, we agreed on that drive that we would need to travel over half an hour a day to use the standard of gym we wanted.

Well, either that or we build one ourselves!

The very next day planning started. We trawled the web for suitable locations. We looked at equipment. We built a business plan. We hit the ground running and built up some momentum, looking forward to taking the fitness world by storm! But as with all things of this magnitude, we hit roadblocks. First of all was the location. Industrial units are surprisingly hard to find, especially when you need one big enough for a gym, a combat sports area,