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Boss Women Initiative - Getting Women Back Into Fitness

Last year we announced our Boss Women initiative. The mission was clear; to create a space that provided everything women needed to get back into fitness after lockdown. We want to make sure that every women who came to Boss had the space they need to thrive.

We champion strength training and combat sports. To help in this area we have added a multitude of elements aimed at getting more women back into fitness.

1. Women's Only Combat Classes

We have setup Women's Only Boxing (6pm Mondays) and Women's Only Kickboxing (7:15pm Wednesdays) classes to help encourage those women less confident in their martial arts skills to try something new. These classes are great for fitness and with like minded individuals plus a great team of coaches, they are a great laugh too.

2. Free Self Defence Course

After the series of tragic events late last year, and with all the other cases of abuse towards women that don't get headline news, we decided to run our 8 week course on self-defence for women and girls for FREE, as we believe money shouldn't be a barrier to learning life saving skills. The first three groups have since finished and we will be realising more dates throughout 2022.

3. Open Gym Sessions for Women

These sessions are at quieter times so less crowds and is monitored by a Personal Trainer so there is someone on hand to help with any exercises or machines that you want some guidance on.

4. Small Group PT

Train with a Personal Trainer alongside other beginners or with your friends, completely free with your membership! Each week a different plan will be delivered to make sure that you are getting the most out of your training and help you build confidence on the gym floor.

5. Mum and Baby Classes

One of the biggest issues facing women is when they have children. Training suddenly takes a back seat due to lack of time and not being able to find childcare, also all the good classes our in the evening when the little one is going to bed. Our Mum and Baby classes are the perfect opportunity to bring your little one with you to the gym and get a great workout and still get to do the things you love!

6. 3 Step Induction Process

Our 3 Step Induction processes gives you more face time with a Trainer to help you hit the ground running. The extra sessions allows for more bespoke plans that are designed with you in mind and gives you a confidence boost to get you started.

We have plenty more in the pipeline as we continue to look for ways to help women get women back into fitness.

Join the Boss family to enjoy all of these benefits!

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