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Boss Women is a campaign to support women in Eastbourne and the surrounding area back into health and fitness after lockdown. 


Boss Women is about building confidence and helping women finding something they love which helps them get fit.


We understand that most people start off feeling self conscious or anxious about starting something new; wondering what to wear, worried people will stare, worried you're not fit enough, strong enough, you'll stand out for the wrong reasons, you won't do it right and so many other fears that hold us back.


Stage 1 of Boss Women is about creating a safe welcoming space that helps women feel comfortable to find that thing they love. Boss Gym is the hub for women who want to lift weights, women who want to get involved in combat sports and women who want to try pole and calisthenics. 


We champion these activities, as like breaking down barriers, especially for some activities previously thought of as mainly for men. It's about having fun and smashing stereotypes.


Stage 2 is about supporting Boss Women in the wider community, through sponsorship and support of local sports teams and other groups we aim to make Boss Women bigger than Boss Gym. Boss Women is about the whole town and community feeling confident, and finding a form of fitness they love.


Stage 3 is taking the campaign national. Once we are embedded in the area, we want Boss Women to grow and help and reach as mainly people as possible.



We have a three step induction process, where you can book with an instructor to will take the time to show you the gym, help you learn the equipment and set you up with an initial programme to help build your confidence. Ideal for beginners or for those who want to learn more advanced machines and weights.


We run female friendly training sessions, these are run at quieter times of the day with extra staff on, meaning you can explore more of the gym in a relaxed environment with staff who are on hand to show you any equipment and help you with any questions you might have.


We have bookable small group training available during busier times, where you and up to three other people can train with a personal trainer as part of your membership, to ensure you have all the support you need to set goals, get fit and build confidence. 



We offer Boss Women only classes in Boxing, Kickboxing, Self Defence and Ju-Jitsu, so if you've ever felt even the tiniest bit interested but only fancy rolling around with your face in some guy's armpit then the Boss Women classes are ideal.


They are aimed at beginners and those who prefer a women's only class. Plus we have some World class instructors.



Pole and calisthenics go hand in hand, it's full on body weight strength and is probably one of the quickest ways to get really god dam strong. If you need to strengthen your core, do pole, want to improve flexibility, do pole, want to do some kickass tricks, do pole. 


Calisthenics gives you the opportunity to also add more to the strength, with hoops and handstands and all sorts of awesome bits of kits, it's the ultimate fun.



Boss Women are also made up of Boss Mum's where we are rolling out morning classes to mums, to include weight, combat sports and pole and calisthenics so you can bring your little ones and still get in your workout. No guilt about spending time working out, no need for a babysitter, it's just you and your little one hanging out whilst working out. Your fitness doesn't need to stop, so here's the answer.


All you need to do is get in touch and let us know what you are interested and we can get you booked to make a start as a Boss Woman.



Try us! Use our Free Day Pass to check out our gym space (with a crazy amount of kit) or attend a Combat Class (boxing, MMA, BJJ, Muay Thai and more).


There is something for everyone. Get your Free Day Pass below.

** 1 Pass per non-member**

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